Nika and Mauro - Engagement Photographer in Italy

It was March. My assisstant and I were on the way to Italy, to the seaside city near Slovenian border called Trieste. There we met Nika and Mauro. It was a sunny Friday afternoon and something was in the air… a smell of the spring and a lot of pure love… We spend some hours in the streets of Trieste and then we went to Basovizza – a small place on the upland plains, about ten minutes from the centre. We went to a natural park – a very paceful untouched nature. The view of some roe deers eating grass there was really beautiful.

I decided to took my digital camera Nikon and the analog Nikon with me. I had almost forgotten how great it was to have a film camera by my side. So this was a new begining for me and my style of shooting. I think that we, photographers, need time to "find" ourselves and I can say that now I know what I want to do. I have found my way and the collection of a great couple Nika and Mauro was made in this way. I hope that the photos show what I am trying to tell.