Professional photographer – perfect wedding

Wedding is one of the happiest events in our life. Each wedding is unique and for the photographer who has been trusted to capture the moments of the day that is a big challenge. He has to make the event unforgettable.

Photographer and perfect wedding.

Who is going to be the right photographer for your wedding? To find the right one is the important part of the plan before the wedding. The professional photographer knows what to look at and is perfect with the selection of photos taken on that special day.. The right contact between the couple and photographer is of great importance, they have to trust each other. In this way all the important moments will be captured as the couple always wanted to. Let the wedding be perfect.

Wedding couples’ opinion:

Read what the couples whose photographer was Andraž Gregorič, say about him.

Our wedding day was very important to us and we had started to plan it a long time before it happened. Good photographs are of great importance to us, that is way one of the first things we wanted to find was the wedding photographer. There are a lot of them nowadays, but there are not all styles that we love. We were looking for something unique and of high quality to get the photos we will always like to look at. So we found Andraž. We checked many of his wedding stories and the photobooks he brought as samples on our meeting. They convinced us.

We really liked the connection, a warm feeling between us and we were absolutely relaxed during the shooting. The moments spent together during the pre -wedding photographing and on the wedding day where special and an important part of the whole story.

It was also great because the photographers were two - one with me at my home and the other with Rok. Thank you Andraž for cooperation, top photos and perfectly designed photobook. We really like to take it in our hands again and again and the memories of that special day always become alive again.

- Tanja in Rok

To find the right photographer was of great importance to us. We wanted all the important events of the day to be captured for the years to come. The pre -wedding shooting on the fields familiar to Andraž was a unique and very warm experience. We hurried from one corner to the other to catch the perfect light, and in that beautiful nature the connection between us was getting deeper and deeper. When the wedding day came everything was perfect…relaxed guests, perfect mood, a beautiful sunny day, day full of love and surprises. And Andraž who seemed to be relaxed, happy, never pushy captured everything with the feeling. He succeeded perfectly. And the wedding album! We stayed without words when we saw it.

- Helena in Kristijan

To find the right photographer wasn’t difficult for us. We were familiar with Andraž’s work and we knew that Andraž reached a high level in photography. And that was what we wanted for our wedding because photographs have always been important to us. Andraž was our choice and we booked the date a long time before our wedding. We wanted to get unforgetable memories stored on the perfect photos. It was clear on the wedding day that our choice was the right one. With his co-worker they were 100% professional, kind, accurate. They pleased all our wishes and it is of great importance that everything was done in relaxing and friendly way. The final result was gorgeous. The memories often become alive when looking at them. Thanks.

- Anja in Matej

Our wedding day happened years ago but the memories on it are still alive. It’s still like it was yesterday. The moments of that day become even more alive looking at the photos which bring feelings back and make our skin bristle. Andraž was a perfect photographer. Relaxed, intimate, invisible and unobtrusive but the final result showed he was always where he needed to be. Thank you, Andraž.

- Špela in Anže

We met Andraž on our friend’s wedding and we were absolutely excited when we saw friends’ wedding photos. That’s way we decided he was the one to have for our wedding photographer, too. We became even more familiar with each other while our pre-wedding photographing. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, Andraž understood us.

He has unbelievable eye for composition, light and has the ability to capture the right moments during the day. We got gorgeous photos of our wedding day and we can definitely recommend him to the others.

- Andreja in Mitja

We are very happy that we chose Andraž Gregorič as our wedding photographer. He managed to capture all the important moments of our special day and proved to have an incredible eye for details. Even though he didn`t know the people at the wedding, he quickly realized which of them were particularly close to us. So, we have a lot of pictures of close family members, best man/maid of honour and close friends. We had a wonderful shooting in the rain and Andraž didn’t mind getting wet at all. Thus, he managed to take many gorgeous pictures and we are very thankful for that. He is very dedicated to his work and tries to fulfill the individual wishes of his clients. We warmly recommend this photographer.

- Michaela in Ilija