Portorož – Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography in Portorož - Wedding Photographer Andraž Gregorič.

Wedding Photography in Portorož

Looking for a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding in Portorož? My name is Andraž Gregorič and I am a wedding photographer. Welcome to my site. I have been involved in photography professionally for over 15 years. As a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph over two hundred weddings. You are welcome to visit the Wedding Photography Gallery.

Portorož – Wedding Photography

You can send me a request for wedding photography at info@andrazgregoric.com. Please provide your wedding date and your wishes and I will send you an offer. We can arrange a meeting and discuss the details of your wedding day in the city of Portorož.

A great opportunity to get in touch is engagement photography, which can also be a preparation for wedding photography. You can see more in the Engagement photo gallery.

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