Tanja in Rok - Poroka v Tolminu in Cerknem

When I came to ski center Cerkno one week before the wedding, I knew Tanja & Rok’s wedding is going to be unique.

You can see our engagement session here.

On the wedding day something interesting happened that we will remember for ever. When everything was prepared for the civil wedding to start, guests and the groom were all waiting for the bride and her father to appear, but they didn’t show up at the expected time. Rok’s friend asked Rok to come down to Tanja and her father. So we went down the hill to see what was happening. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was like a scene from a movie. Friends of Tanja and Rok were on their knees and they were trying to pull away the wooden floor. Reason? One of the wedding rings fell into the hole between the boards. They needed some time to get it out and after that the marriage ceremony could begin.

It was pure. It was real. It was human. In my eyes it was perfect.

Tanja and Rok, thank you. I am honored you let me in your dream day.